Let us guide you in finding the perfect gift for the special person in your life. 
Lingerie is one of the most romantic and appreciated gifts a person can give.
Tips to help you select this perfect gift with assurance:


Do you know the right size?
It’s easy to find the right size: look in her lingerie drawer and note down her bra and panty sizes. If she wears more than one size (which is normal as brands can be different or style can vary), just go with the larger size. 
Still 100% unsure? Call one of her close friend.

Do you know her style?
Select the right lingerie is to sense her personal style. Try not to make the common mistakes some people makes when buying lingerie for their loved one, in buying a seductive style that she will not find comfortable and beautiful in.
Again look in her drawer and take note of the styles and colors she like. 

Why not a Gift Voucher?
If you feel not comfortable enough then and that she would appreciate in choosing herself? then give her a e-Lilianne Gift Voucher. It will certainly be the perfect gift as she can choose the exact style and size for her.

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